About us

In 2015 an organization – with a combined experience from different parts of the world within the oil and gas industry was established.

This success-driven organization promised to offer “Expert Solutions” within different fields of the industrial market, and was therefore named “EXSOL Industrial”

Our Services and Solutions

Inspection and Testing Services

Our Inspection & Testing Services involves the measurements, tests and gauges applies to certain...

Specialty Mechanical Services

EXSOL’s network of cross-trained crews can provide a wide array of mechanical services from a single source...

Project Management Services & Solutions

From the Initiative phase to Planning, Execution, Performance control and Evaluation; EXSOL is your ideal partner to whom your project can be entrusted without doubts.

Hydro Blasting and Industrial cleaning Solutions

Just by using water, high pressure, the right – techniques, tools and expertise; all dirt, grime, coating and other hard deposits can be removed by us.

Commodity and Engineered Products Sales

Along with our alliance partners we have adopted the agency for the Suriname and Guyana region for the supply of Commodity and Engineered Products.

Training & Certification

“Education is a treasure that no one can take away from you.”

Why consider EXSOL Industrial?

Root Strength

The root strength of EXSOL lies within the combined experience of 60+ years, which was gained within the region and from various parts of the world.


EXSOL Industrial is a dynamic partner that does not only provides prefabricated services but also develops proven innovative solutions based on clients’ needs.

Reason to Believe

EXSOL is the ideal partner to whom projects are entrusted without concerns. We have the knowledge, experience, certifications and compliant with industrial safety practices.

Brand Essence

Leading provider of innovative solutions while adhering to international standards.

Brand Promise

If EXSOL, did it, it’s a job well done!