About us

EXSOL Industrial N.V. (EXSOL) is a fast-paced, success-driven and customer oriented work environment fuelled by the talent, skills and expertise of its employees who operate within each and every responsibility and abide by EXSOL’s core values as well as applicable company procedures and international standards. 

Inspection & Testing Services

Our Inspection & Testing Services involves the measurements, tests and gauges applies to certain...

Specialty Mechanical Services

EXSOL’s network of cross-trained crews can provide a wide array of mechanical services from a single source...

Specialty Engineering Solutions

EXSOL integrates engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, maintenance (EPFCM) and project...

Commodity and Engineering Products Sales

Along with our alliance partners we have adopted the agency for the Suriname and Guyana region for the supply of Commodity...​

Why consider EXSOL Industrial N.V.?

Industry Recognized

Ethical practices, recognized industry leaders and proven track record backed up in writing.

Save Money

Complete solutions, competitive prices with a high-quality standard.

Save Time

Fast response times, efficient scheduling and flexible schedule management.